Old Poway Park is a great spot for an afternoon adventure, a family outing, or a creative date with a special someone.

Old Poway Park offers a fully functioning railroad train, picnic spots, and many nearby choices for food and drink. You will often see families hosting birthday parties or getting their pictures taken in front of an old Americana-style box car.

Poway Midland Railroad

Poway-Midland Railroad

Poway-Midland Railroad in Old Poway Park is the key highlight. Try to connect with one of the volunteers and learn about their extraordinary efforts to keep this facility rolling along for our community. Enjoy different locomotives and passenger cars that vary by the weekend, including an old time San Francisco Cable Car. Say howdy to one of the long-time volunteers, Chuck Cross.

The grounds at Old Poway Park are surrounded by a Train Barn, Water Tower, Gallows Turntable, old box cars and Right of Way signals. Be sure to visit the gift shop at the Train Depot.

old poway park train depot

Stroll Through Poway History

History buffs will enjoy Old Poway Park. The Nelson House is an old pioneer house from Poway’s early days that was relocated to the park. The Poway Historical Society’s Heritage Museum also offers a terrific museum with artifacts, buildings, and research to fill your cultural needs.

Poway Farmers Market

Yum!  Poway Food & Drink

A trip to Old Poway Park is not complete without a visit to The Hamburger Factory. It’s a great spot for a classic American cheeseburger and chocolate shake. The restaurant also serves an impressive breakfast and a fitting selection of local beers.

Kitty corner from Old Poway Park is the Old Poway Village Shopping Center where you will find:

  • The Hop Stop: a family friendly beer outdoor garden with sports on TV
  • Smokin J’s BBQ: local BBQ sandwiches that are out of this world.
  • Mission Cellars: a local hand-crafted wine gallery and tasting room.
  • and much more!

The Poway Farmers Market is a focal point every Saturday morning from 8am-1pm. Here you will find local produce as well as a variety of treats from friendly entrepreneurs. This is a family friendly event with lots of smiling faces.

Poway Potato Chip Rock

5 More Things to Do in Poway

There are so many more great spots to visit in Poway. Here are 5 more you should check out on your next trip to Poway:


  • Hike up to Potato Chip Rock. We’ve all seen everyone’s photo on social media, right?
  • Full Moon Hike up to Iron Mountain. The hike up Iron Mountain is a great half day event. There is a group of locals that make the trip every full moon. Highly recommended!
  • Blue Sky Reserve. This Poway treasure is protected by a group of extraordinarily resolute environmentalists. Respect the trails and the wildlife. If you are feeling adventurous you can extend your hike up to Lake Ramona.
  • Gooden Ranch Sycamore Canyon Preserve. Tucked away in the southeastern portion of Poway, this preserve offers countless areas to explore. You will discover wildlife, untouched terrain, and relics of human civilization.
  • Hike around Lake Poway. A nice relaxing hike. Actually, mostly a stroll and easy for the young ones to join along. There are plenty of spots to rest along the way. You will enjoy watching people in a pedal paddle boat, fishing from the pier, or just relaxing under a shady tree. You may even see some wildlife, including adventurous hikers heading up to Potato Chip Rock.
old poway park windmill

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