Poway offers so many great community organizations.

This is a great opportunity to do something special in Poway and meet some great people!

  1. Join Poway Kiwanis.  This is a wonderful organization that organizes community projects to help children.  It’s also a great networking group to meet many of the community dynamos in Poway.  They are extraordinarily warm and inviting.  This is my favorite service organization in Poway.
  2. Attend a Poway City Council Meeting  These meetings are actually remarkably interesting.  You will get a better understanding of the way our city works, learn more about our city leaders and meet some great people.  City council members, including the mayor, are typically available to chat before or after the meeting.  You will see many people in our community that attend these meetings either because they have a specific item on the agenda, or they simply enjoy being a city watch dog.  Meetings are also available virtually on Zoom.
  3. Attend a Poway Democratic Club Meeting.  This is a great group of folks that feel passionately about Poway and about local/regional/national politics.  They often have interesting guest speakers at their meetings.  You don’t need to be a Democrat to attend.
  4. Make a visit to the Poway Library.  Libraries aren’t just places to check out books.  There are many kids and teen activities, opportunities to check out movies on DVD (just like Blockbuster but for free!), or simply to use the free wi-fi. You can also network with the folks at the Friends of the Poway Library.
  5. Attend Poway Chamber Event.  There are many entrepreneurs and small business owners in Poway that have so much to offer.  Meet some new friends and shop local here in Poway.  Plus, smokin’ hot deals!
  6. Connect with the Poway Stamp Collecting Club.  There are so many fun clubs in Poway including if you enjoy collecting stamps.  Even if you have no clue what stamp collecting is all about, this is a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.
  7. Volunteer for Poway Grad Night.  The organizers for Poway High’s Grad Night are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help setup and run the event.  The event itself is remarkable.  Volunteers construct a magical environment like a mini–Disneyland Land.  Other volunteers run the event the night of including manning casino tables or game booths.  It’s a wonderful and safe night for our high school seniors and you can help create those special memories.
  8. Poway Protesters.  If you are politically inclined, there is a group of people expressing their political views every Sunday from 11am-12 noon (and often additional hours) at the corner of Poway Rd and Pomerado Rd.  If you are a Republican, a Democrat or something else entirely you will likely find like-minded folks there.  Be respectful!  Here is a 36-minute podcast episode including interviews of people out on the streets.

What did I miss?  Let me know your favorites and I will add them to the list.

Have fun in Poway!