So many ways to have a great time in our City in the Country.

Here are a few suggestions that are off the beaten path.

  1. Tooth Rock Hike.  The giant stone is visible as you drive up the Poway Grade to Ramona on Poway Rd.  It always looked to me like an enormous boulder that would crush Wile E. Coyote on my Saturday morning cartoons.
  2. Hike up to the eastern corner of Sycamore Creek.  One more shout out to Sycamore Creek in Poway.  If you go to the park in the very eastern area of the development and then continue east, there is a small trail that will take you part way up the hill.  It’s a fun, family friendly hike.
  3. Hike to the Water Towers at top of Boulder Mountain Road.  This is a place I stumbled on one day.  It’s a nice hike through some beautiful neighborhoods and then suddenly you are at the top of the hill just north of Twin Peaks with a nice view of parts of Poway.
  4. Poway Trails Official List.  The City of Poway has done an awesome job maintaining excellent trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  This new interactive mapwith drone video footage is awesome.  If you want to go old school, then here is a Poway Trails PDF file with each trail numbered.  Make it your goal to check off each one!
  5. Hidden San Diego’s Poway Sites.  Long time Poway resident Jessica Johnson has captured so many interesting and historical places here in Poway and throughout San Diego.  I cannot recommend her work enough.  If you REALLY want to check out some cool stuff, then be sure to visit her list of Poway places or take in nearby spots.  Here is a one-hour long in-depth discussion with Jessica (YouTube Stitcher iTunes) as she shares her new book Abandoned San Diego.

What did I miss? Let me know your favorites and I will add them to the list.

Have fun in Poway!