Show Respect in Poway.  Tip Your Hat to Important Powegians.

Here are some more interesting things to do in Poway.  I call this our “Pay Your Respect” list.

  1. Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center.  Awesome spot paying homage to the Kumeyaay inhabitants of Poway 1,000 years ago.  This significant cultural site includes an education center, native gardens, actual artifacts, replica structures and many activities.
  2. Tony Gwynn Memorial.  Tip your cap to Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.  “Mr. Padre” called Poway his home and raised his family here in our town.  If you are a baseball fan, visiting T. Gwynn’s memorial at Lake Poway Park is like a trip to Mecca.
  3. Visit the Cemetery.  I am an ancestry enthusiast, so I get really positive energy when I visit cemeteries.  Take a trip to Poway’s Dearborn Memorial Park where you can discover the resting places of Poway’s founders.   If you are feeling particularly adventurous, there is also a small fenced-in cemetery just south of the entrance into the Sycamore Creek housing development of Poway.  Please be respectful when visiting.

What did I miss?  Let me know your favorites and I will add them to the list.

Have fun in Poway!